The Importance of Venturing Out

This is a photo of me as a 3 year old dressed up as Major Jim, an Australian Air Force pilot who flew his caribou to the little airstrip in Papua New Guinea where I grew up. I sensed the adventure of it and wanted in! Life with God requires that we venture out beyond ourselves because God is always bigger. Of course to venture OUT we first need to venture inward journey into the heart of the Father to discover his love. Both receiving God's love and giving it away requires venturing out in this sense.

To not take any risks or venture beyond what we know and like will bring a type of spiritual death. We might have some sort of control over things (until it is blown out of the water by life’s challenges), and we might be comfortable, but the boundary lines of our hearts aren’t enlarged. And with a small heart—I mean one that is unable to embrace the bigness of God and the sacredness of his activity in the world—we will soon shrink back to the humdrum rational life that is defined by the increasing secularization of our societies. A first step in venturing out is to learn to hear God speak, so that we can hear his call out to where he is.