The Soul Benefits of Christmas

What does Christmas have to do with our wellbeing? On some level the fun things we do at Christmas lift our soul and make us feel good. We spend time off work, give and receive gifts, eat delicious food we wouldn’t normally bother to prepare, sing carols, and spend time with people we love.  Our soul is lifted, and temporarily we might escape the real issues in our lives. Sometimes we need to escape and just have a good time.   

But the real soul-benefits from Christmas are actually found in the face of the real issues in our lives. I mean the things we struggle with in our souls that we might not reveal to others. For example, sometimes we fail and feel guilty or shamed. We might be struggling to like ourselves.  Our dreams may have gone pear-shaped and we just feel like crying.  Things might be happening with our kids or our finances that leave our souls threadbare and barely coping.  We might have lost a loved one or facing serious illness and be feeling that life is fragile. Perhaps work is unfulfilling and we are struggling to see the point of life.  

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who, the Bible teaches, came to help us with such issues – to deal with our guilt and shame, our fears, our low view of ourselves, and our despair. Through Him we discover God loves us deeply, wants to forgive us, and isn’t out to get us - we can come as we are and be a friend of God. His vision is for our lives to be filled with joy and peace.

Christmas has a lot to do with our wellbeing, and it is about much more than egg-nog and holidays. If you are searching for greater wellbeing I invite you to consider a relationship with Jesus Christ.