How God Satisfies Our Souls

The Bible says that God will satisfy our souls. Can you identify a cry in your own soul?

Most people would say that God is everywhere, but this alone is not enough. One of the writers of the psalms claimed that God would: “satisfy you with wild honey from the rock.” (Ps. 81:16), and this gives us some insight into how we can find the sweetness of God’s love to satisfy our souls when we feel empty, tired out, confused or hurt.    

The delicious, sweet honey is “wild”- in the bush.  If something is “wild” it is not domesticated; it is beyond our control, unrestrained and irregular, unpredictable, but can be intense and passionate.  

“Wild” things aren’t found within our neat boundaries – our ideas about God that are acceptable to our friends, or our appearances of having it all together. Think about the wild brumbies in the iconic movie Man from Snowy River. To find one you must venture beyond the fence. At first you might think, “Yeah, right. There are no brumbies here.” And at just such a moment a brumby gallops out of nowhere so loudly and exuberantly that everything comes alive! Your senses are blessed, and in the same way when we venture beyond our neat, acceptable “fence” in faith – when our heart is in play, seeking, hungry, exploring, depending, reaching, looking, believing – God surprises our souls with the sweetness of his love.

This spiritual encounter happens in the “wild” - we can’t control it and we can’t make it happen even by attending church a lot. We must position ourselves for surprises of God’s love and grace by going out into the spiritual “wild” and pursuing God with an open heart.    

This is how God heals and satisfies our souls in the rough and tumble of life.