The Power of Waiting

We seem to wait for a lot of things. We wait for trains, kids, microwaves, healing, God, holidays, opportunities, and happiness. Waiting for things can be a pain, but in the spiritual life waiting shapes our soul.

Often it feels like wasted time or marking time – what we have to do while we wait for what we want. I have realised that as I have had to wait for things my pride, my lusts, my arrogance and so on squeals like a spoilt child at not getting what they want. But I know that God is dealing with such things in me, and that the waiting is providing a threshing floor to separate out this chaff in my heart – a refining furnace that shapes my soul and prepares me for more of God and his love and kingdom.

Such shaping seems so hidden, out of the way, unimportant. But it is not hidden to God, and he delights in it because it sets us free. Spiritually this waiting and shaping is actually kingdom “gold”!