Mobile HIV-AIDS Clinic Success

Mustard Seed Global has launched a mobile HIV-AIDS clinic to serve the rural population in Papua New Guinea beyond the reach of normal medical services. Trained nurses test, treat and educate about HIV-AIDS and address general medical issues. Resurgent malaria and TB, and almost the highest maternal/infant mortality rates in the world are also in focus. The clinic serves over 100 village people a day—the need is so great and we need more nurses!

As a testament to the success of the clinic so far the World Bank and European Union have approached us to form a partnership to deliver HIV-AIDS counselling, testing and treatment to rural cocoa growing communities.

Now that the medical side of the project is fruitful and sustainable, our focus will be on developing community-building programs linked to the clinic's rural operation. Our aim: to open up more opportunities to declare the Gospel, bring God's kingdom, and plant churches.

Integral to vibrant biblical spirituality is both the receiving of God’s love and giving it away. If you or someone you know has medical training and would like to participate in the work of the Mobile Clinic please let me know and join the adventure! Check out the Mustard Seed Global website for other ways to get involved.