A Global Community of Jesus-followers Taking God's Love to the Poor and Marginalised. Join the adventure!

Mustard Seed Global's Mission:

To plant seeds of God’s transforming love in the lives of poor and marginalized people everywhere because this is the heart of God and for his glory.

Mustard Seed Global's foundations were established through the consistent short-term missionary work of Foothills Vineyard Church based in Sydney, Australia (and its partners).  Each year from 1998 until the present teams were sent mainly to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Thailand-Burma. These teams helped local churches to focus on God’s kingdom, and modelled kingdom life through ministry and practical small-scale projects to help the poor.

We now want to build on our experience and the relationships developed in these countries to launch larger projects that will broaden the scope and impact of our kingdom work - eventually across the globe as God leads.

Mustard Seed Global seeks to build a global community with people called to resource our work financially, by using their gifts,  going on a missions team, or by praying. We hope you will join us in some way in this kingdom adventure.  

Current Projects

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HIV AIDS Clinics on Wheels

Purpose-fitted 4X4 vehicles to: provide HIV AIDS testing, treatment and education; address very high maternal and infant mortality rates; combat malaria and resurgent  tuberculosis and leprosy; and run community-building programs in the rugged rural areas of Papua New Guinea. In PNG there is one doctor per 17,068 people.

Social Enterprise Supermarkets

Developing a chain of financially viable supermarkets in Papua New Guinea to: bridge young people who drop out of school (over 75%) into paying jobs; fund development projects; plant churches, and challenge corruption. Without adequate education or paid work young people are high risk for HIV and crime. Corruption continues to deprive ordinary people in PNG of basic services and opportunities.  

Books that Change Developing Countries 

Publishing eight practical books on sewing and health issues to improve the often poor quality of life for people in developing countries  struggling to provide for their families and protect them against serious diseases because of a lack of basic education and skills. The four sewing books provide skills from beginners to advanced sewing, and 126 patterns for everything from carry bags to girl’s skirts and men’s shirts. Clear instructions using diagrams make the books accessible to those who cannot read. The four health books cover issues like hygiene, first aid, sex education and contraception, child care, diet/healthy eating, and diseases.

Cafe and "Employment Wheel" 

A self-sustaining social enterprise café providing: a traineeship to bridge young people at risk of alcohol and drug addiction, committing a crime, and being long-term unemployed in the Cranebrook public housing estate in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia to a range of long term employment pathways (including entry-level jobs, vocational/TAFE training and apprenticeships in a range of industries). The cafe will also provide a vibrant and safe space for building the heart of this community and healing its brokenness.