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 Venture into God's love.

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Book Publishing Update 

I am excited that my book Barefoot Revolution will finally (after 17 years of writing) be published by Paraclete Press (a US-based publisher). The final edit is due no later than February 1, 2017; design, printing and distribution

The Importance of Venturing Out 

This is a photo of me as a three year old dressed up as Major Jim, an Australian Air Force pilot who flew his caribou to the little airstrip in Papua New Guinea where I grew up. I sensed the adventure of it and wanted in!

Mobile HIV-AIDS Clinic Success

Mustard Seed Global has launched a mobile HIV-AIDS clinic to serve the rural population in Papua New Guinea beyond the reach of normal medical services. Trained nurses test, treat and educate about HIV-

Free Guided Retreat 

The catalyst for the sort of God Adventure the Bible talks about is self-discovery of God and his love. This free guided retreat on the Lord's Prayer involves nine daily times for reflection and prayer. I hope it helps your kingdom life take flight! Note: To download a PDF version to your computer click <Share> <Download> after this button.  

Paul Marshall 

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