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Welcome and thanks for visiting. This website is about conversations and opportunities to venture into the rich textures of God's love and kingdom.

This necessarily involves a robust focus on spirituality as the Bible sees it - a transforming inward journey of the heart or soul allowing us to receive the free gift of God's amazing love in Christ, and an outward journey as a response to this liberating love. This outward journey  involves expressing God's love both practically and in a transforming way to others.  Aspects of the inward and outward journeys weave together to form the fabric of this website as a reflection of life with God. 

You will find articles to stir your thinking, conversations to join through two blogs - Soul Matters and Barefoot Revolution (based on the content of my soon-to-be published book), and practical opportunities to take God's love to the world through the activities of the non-profit organisation Mustard Seed Global. 


Thought Bubble

The way we use time has a huge impact on the depth of the spiritual life of western believers.